Not Enough Time is Not an Excuse: 3 Tools to Manage Your Time Effectively

Lately I’ve been talking about focus – namely, how you can stay focused, take control, and run your business without it running you. … [Read more...]

5 Key Strategies Small Businesses Can Learn From the Corporate World, Part II

Do you want to generate more revenue and manage your business like a pro? In this two-part series, Kim Pisolkar shares five simple yet powerful strategies that today's small business owners can learn from the corporate world. Strategy 4: Observation and Measurement In big business, there are metrics and goals. Revenue, sales, marketing, effectiveness, human capital and technology are all measured and monitored to ensure that deficiencies are quickly spotted and corrected. It's important … [Read more...]

The MOST Important Question You Can Ask

I recently read an article in Fast Company that shared the most important question to ask a new team member: “Describe a decision that the company has made that raises an eyebrow for you?” I think it’s brilliant question – even if a little scary. We spend a lot of time looking for and selecting talented people for our teams, whether they are full time employees, contract staff or virtual team members. They come to us with a fresh perspective, aren’t hung up on the way “we” do things, … [Read more...]

4 Simple Steps for Evaluating and Accelerating Business Performance, Productivity and Profits for 2014

Is it me or is this year zooming by?! I've been having a lot of conversations with business owners the past couple of weeks and when I ask "how is your year going?" the response I am getting "I think it's going okay" If you haven't already, now is a great time for you to review your annual goals and see how you are doing. Don’t wait until the end of the year to realize you are far from where you wanted to be. Take some time and evaluate your business. Measure your progress, identify the … [Read more...]

Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 6

Focus, Money (and lack of), Self-Doubt, CEO Success Style, Revenue Generating Activities vs. Non-Revenue Generating Activities, so many thing you need to think about as a CEO and business owner. Where do you turn to? How do you balance it all? In the last post of my series on the Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask, I’m going to let you know my thoughts on these two questions! 11. There is so much information and so many personal development programs out there. I’ve bought them all yet … [Read more...]

Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 5

Ahh, today we are talking about self-doubt and how it can effect your income as well as your cash flow. After running your business for a while, having a few successes, it’s completely normal (and expected) to hit a few roadblocks on your way. So what are the questions I get from CEO’s around success and self-doubt? Read on below. 9. I was so successful in my career and as a business owner I feel like a big, fat failure. I went to business because I thought I would get to be my own boss … [Read more...]

Podcast: Top 12 Questions to Generating More Business Revenue (Part 4)

In this super short and practical Podcast Series, Businesss Growth Strategist Kim Pisolkar, answers the Top 12 Questions People Ask when it comes to generating more business revenue and profit. Listen below and discover the answers today so that you can have the fun, flexible and profitable business that you envisioned on opening day! Do you say Yes more than you say No? Then you definitely need to listen to this podcast!   Want to find what it will take for you to stop … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Make More Time In Your Day

We’ve all heard the old adage that “time is money”. There is no place this statement rings truer than in the world of a small business owner. As a small business owner it is easy to get caught up in the day to day operations of running your business and lose focus on long-term goals. As the leader at the helm of your business your time is worth more money to your company when you focus it on steering your ship along the right course rather than following where the wind blows you. To be … [Read more...]

Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 4

How successful are you in creating and managing a steady-cash flow? As a CEO business coach, I receive many questions from business owners about what it takes. If you are just joining this series you may want to start with my first post on the Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask. Today we are going to talk a little more about expenses and not the revenue generating activities we’ve discussed in previous posts, so hold tight, here are the top questions I receive about when it’s time to … [Read more...]

The Busy Syndrome: Do You Have This Affliction?

Jane Austen once said “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” It seems in today’s fast paced world, we are too easily distracted by these busy nothings. We have created a new sickness I like to call The Busy Syndrome. The symptoms include; Not having enough time to complete your to-do list, Being constantly on the go, Missing out on important family events or even afternoon picnics with your kids. Living life just to survive, while missing out on the best part of … [Read more...]