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with the Biz Breakthrough Index

Attention: Overworked, Stressed, “Too Many Balls In The Air”, Understaffed Business Owner…

If these scenarios below cause you to sigh in knowing frustration…

Kim Pisolkar removes small biz frustration!

  • Business has become a “I have to do this to pay the bills” versus the vehicle to help you pursue your dreams
  • Feel constantly OVERWHELMED by the many responsibilities of business ownership
  • Want less stress, to get more done in less time and with less effort, and have more time to focus on the strategy and growth aspects of your business
  • You carry over items on your ‘to do” list from year to year and it feels like a never ending lists of everything you NEED to do now
  • Frustrated that you can’t quite seem to get ahead even though you know what needs to be done and have good ideas but they are not getting implemented.
  • Not creating a team and delegating tasks to others because you feel they must be done by you and in the way you would complete them
  • Business has taken over your life and you feel disconnected from your friends, family, hobbies and other areas of your life that used to be important to you.
  • You are on the cusp of major growth but find your self not taking the steps to make it happen.

…Then You Will LOVE The Breakthroughs That Await You!

With this genius assessment you will know EXACTLY:

Big Biz Breakthrough Index with Kim Pisolkar

  • How and why no matter how much you say you are going to work ON your business you end up spending most of your day fighting fires.
  • Why you feel like you “have to” or “need to” do everything on your ever growing “to do list”.
  • Why you are not doing the things you already know you need to do to increase revenue.
  • How your clients, prospective clients and team members really perceive you and why it’s impacting your ability to be successful (this is beyond what you “think” you know, rather based on the messages you are unconsciously sending!).
  • What you can do right NOW to reduce overwhelm and stress, make more money and do more of what you love (the reason you went into business in the first place).

Ready For Your Breakthrough? Let’s Get Started!

Biz Breakthrough Index Assessment

The Biz Breakthrough Index* Includes:


  • A 20-Minute On-Line Assessment
  • A 50-Minute Private Coaching Session with Kim Pisolkar



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* Based on the Energy Leadership Index developed by iPEC