Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 6

Creating Steady Cash Flow | Business Cash FlowFocus, Money (and lack of), Self-Doubt, CEO Success Style, Revenue Generating Activities vs. Non-Revenue Generating Activities, so many thing you need to think about as a CEO and business owner.

Where do you turn to? How do you balance it all?

In the last post of my series on the Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask, I’m going to let you know my thoughts on these two questions!

11. There is so much information and so many personal development programs out there. I’ve bought them all yet I’m still not getting what I want! What do I do?

It’s normal to feel that way. When we go into business for ourselves, we do a lot of research and we buy a lot of programs and perhaps work with different coaches in order to get where we want to be. However, all the knowledge in the world cannot move your business forward. All the training programs on the planet cannot move your business up the ladder of success. The secret? You need to take action to get results.

One of the things I do when I work with people is put them on a ‘Download Detox’. This means that they cannot download any information off the internet and cannot sign up for any programs, whether free or paid, because all that information is getting in the way of ‘taking action’. When you are not taking action you are not getting things done and when you’re not getting things done, you are not growing your business.

12. How do I balance running a busy business and running my home?

This is such a good question as many business people are struggling to strike the right balance in our fast paced society today. For starters, you need to get really clear about what I call ‘critical musts’. Now, what are critical musts? Your ‘critical musts’ are those things – those prongs that are so crucial to creating a personal and business life that is both meaningful and fulfilling to you.

It’s not necessarily about setting goals e.g. ‘sell one coaching package this week’. It’s about creating specific intentions. For instance, one of my critical musts is having a happy and healthy home. So because I have that sort of focus, it becomes my compass almost. So if there’s anything that comes up that’s not connected to ‘my critical musts’ then I don’t do it. It’s not on my list and it doesn’t show up. It can go on the ‘some other day’ list but it’s not prioritized.

Imagine for instance that someone offered me the opportunity to do some high paying corporate coaching work abroad for six months at a stretch. Imagine that I was offered the opportunity to do public speaking on four different continents every month. Well, as this would mean lots of travel and time spent away from my family, I couldn’t do it except I could find some way to keep my family happy and healthy at the same time. This is one of the reasons why I leverage internet, social media and even webinar technology to reach my ideal audience.

In essence, keeping sight of my ‘critical musts’ helps me to juggle and keep things manageable. This principle can help you too. It’s all about clarity – being super clear and focused on what needs to be done and how.

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