Can You Really Achieve Work/Life Balance?

Work-life balance. Resolutions…goals…intentions. Focus. You’ve heard it all. You’d love to run your business without it running you (or worse, running you ragged) but no matter what you try, you’re still overwhelmed and frustrated. Sound familiar? We live in a fast-paced world where at any given moment, we’re being bombarded with countless distractions. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re not even sure what you should be focusing on, especially when everything feels important and … [Read more...]

Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 6

Focus, Money (and lack of), Self-Doubt, CEO Success Style, Revenue Generating Activities vs. Non-Revenue Generating Activities, so many thing you need to think about as a CEO and business owner. Where do you turn to? How do you balance it all? In the last post of my series on the Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask, I’m going to let you know my thoughts on these two questions! 11. There is so much information and so many personal development programs out there. I’ve bought them all yet … [Read more...]