Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 5

Creating Steady Cash Flow | Business Cash FlowAhh, today we are talking about self-doubt and how it can effect your income as well as your cash flow.

After running your business for a while, having a few successes, it’s completely normal (and expected) to hit a few roadblocks on your way.

So what are the questions I get from CEO’s around success and self-doubt? Read on below.

9. I was so successful in my career and as a business owner I feel like a big, fat failure. I went to business because I thought I would get to be my own boss and make money. Will I ever be successful?

Well being in a traditional job and being a business owner are definitely different and yes, you can be successful at both.

My first tip would be to look at what made you successful in your career. What were the characteristics, what were the things you did, what were the things people praised you for? I ask these questions because those are the things that you may not be carrying over into your business. The things that brought you success in the past will be the things that bring you success in the future.

The second thing would be to look in your business for the fastest path to growth. What is it in your business that you can focus on that will bring the best growth, the greatest revenue and the freedom to do what you love?

10. There’s so much to do how do I stay focused?

One of the things that can get in the way of staying focused is what I call Entrepreneurial ADD, it’s what pulls us into multiple directions, leaving a path of work that’s unfinished behind us.

I want to give you a really simple exercise to help you become more focused and ditch that Entrepreneurial ADD. It’s called ‘non-negotiables’. You see, in life we all have non-negotiables. We renew our driver’s license, we go to the doctor, prepare our taxes. Those are things we make time for because we need to make sure they get done. There’s a penalty if you don’t do them.

So I’d like you to think about the non-negotiables in your business. What are the things that absolutely need to get done? Secondly, start blocking off time in your calendar in order to dedicate time strictly for working on those non-negotiables. Hold yourself accountable, and give yourself a penalty for not completing them, reward yourself when you do!

And if you are just joining us for this series on cash flow and income, you may want to head back to the beginning to read about; making more money, taking your business to the next level, putting systems in place, and expenses you should consider.

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