2013 – Awesome or OMG! Do This Quick Peformance Appraisal to Find Out Where Your Business Stands

When I was in corporate I used to strongly dislike performance appraisals, which is a little amusing considering I used to design them :) Even though they were not supposed to be annual event, they were always done at the end of the year. You found everything you were doing wrong, also commonly referred to as your “development needs” so you could change it for the next year. If you had a great boss, this was not new news or a surprise. If not, well, you strongly disliked the whole … [Read more...]

3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Asking for Referrals, and How to Avoid Them

3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Asking for Referrals, and How to Avoid Them As discussed in a previous article, Referral Marketing can result in serving more people, more satisfied customers, and more revenue. It can also free up your time by eliminating cold calling and chasing pseudo leads. This business building strategy can also save money on advertising and marketing. All of that is possible, but only if it is done right. Unfortunately I’ve seen business owners make some serious … [Read more...]

5 Strategies for Using Referral Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Bottom Line

As a small business owner you might have come across the idea of referral marketing. If you’re wondering what it is, and if it’s for you, the resounding answer is “YES!” Referral marketing is essential to your business’ growth and its bottom line. How? The core of referral marketing begins with your current fan base. Essentially, those individuals who’ve previously purchased your goods or services and who are willing to recommend what you have to offer to people outside your immediate … [Read more...]

Is Stinking Thinking Showing Up In Your Bank Balance?

 “Who do you think you are?” “Who is going to work with you?" “Why do you even bother calling, they are going to say NO” “You just don’t have what it takes” Would you say that to a close friend or colleague? Probably not, in fact, you probably wouldn’t even say those things to a stranger. Yet, it is not uncommon for business owners to have that conversation with themselves. You know, that little voice that reaches in from the sidelines. It’s that inner voice of doubt, pessimism and … [Read more...]

Part 2: Is Your Networking Not Working? Do This ONE Thing and Put More Profits in Your Pocket

If I could only give ONE tip on what will increase a business owners bottom line and put more profits in their pocket, it is this: give your contacts a chance to say YES. According to the National Sales Executive Association it takes five to twelve contacts before someone buys from you and 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact. The same goes for referrals. Additionally, 48% of leads that are pursued are dropped after one contact. And here is the depressing one, 67% of the people you … [Read more...]

Is Your Networking Not Working? 3 Simple Tips You Can Implement NOW to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Regardless of what type of business we have, two things need to happen for us to expand and grow our business and achieve our revenue goals. We need to 1) market our products and services and 2) someone needs to buy them. So what can you do every day that will accelerate your business growth? It’s simple, and honestly, it’s one of the more fun aspects of business. Any guesses? That’s right! NETWORKING Every day identify people who need or want what you provide, or who know others who do. … [Read more...]

You’re Fired! 3 Steps to Stop Being the Chief Everything Officer and Live Into Your CEO Potential

I had to fire someone today. Working in human resources for many years, “firing,” “letting go,” “severing,” was part of the job. Now, don’t get me wrong, the first time I had to fire someone, it was difficult, upsetting; in all honesty, it made me cry. Today; however, it was so personal. I had knots in my stomach as I stood up, looked in the mirror and gazed at my reflection. “I’m sorry, but we don’t need a Chief Everything Officer anymore. Thank you for all you’ve done and your … [Read more...]

Fortune Cookies, Entrepreneurship and a Boy Named Tony

It was noisy in the Chinese restaurant, as restaurants in Manhattan usually are, but we liked this place; plus there are only so many places to get vegetarian food. We were squeezed in at a little table as the wait staff hustled around us. The meal was great, and then came the fortune cookies. “You can stop looking, happiness is right beside you,” I read to my boyfriend of 3 months. You need to keep that, he said. “There is something I’ve been meaning to ask you”. He shared with me that he … [Read more...]