Business Owners, How to Use the Summer Slowdown to Your Advantage

Summer is right around the corner – and if you’re in business, you know what that means...the dreaded summer slowdown. It seems like everyone is on vacation and plans are put on hold until fall. … [Read more...]

Can You Really Achieve Work/Life Balance?

Work-life balance. Resolutions…goals…intentions. Focus. You’ve heard it all. You’d love to run your business without it running you (or worse, running you ragged) but no matter what you try, you’re still overwhelmed and frustrated. Sound familiar? We live in a fast-paced world where at any given moment, we’re being bombarded with countless distractions. It’s hard to stay focused when you’re not even sure what you should be focusing on, especially when everything feels important and … [Read more...]

What Will You Say YES To?

Is 2015 going splendidly for you so far? This is not a post about resolutions or goals (nor is about whether or not you are achieving them). This is a personal note that’s been weighing on my heart to share. And of course one really amazing tip for your business (you know I can’t help myself!). Last year at this time I fell on the ice and got a concussion (ouch!). 2 weeks after that, I fell down a flight of stairs, well actually it was more like I went sledding without a sled, and tore … [Read more...]

Want to Conquer Time Poverty? Enter Your Genius Zone.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? There just aren’t enough hours in the day - you’re always stressed because you never seem to have ample time to accomplish everything. You zip through your day, going from task to task, but when the day is over, it doesn’t feel like you got anything done at all. Your burgeoning to-do list is nearly driving you insane. If this sounds like you, you’re experiencing time poverty. What on earth is that?! When you’re in time poverty, you’re always … [Read more...]

The Busy Syndrome: Do You Have This Affliction?

Jane Austen once said “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” It seems in today’s fast paced world, we are too easily distracted by these busy nothings. We have created a new sickness I like to call The Busy Syndrome. The symptoms include; Not having enough time to complete your to-do list, Being constantly on the go, Missing out on important family events or even afternoon picnics with your kids. Living life just to survive, while missing out on the best part of … [Read more...]

Would You Kiss A Frog to Make You More Money?

I was watching The Princess and The Frog with my daughter the other night. The heroine has to decide whether she will kiss the frog (yuck!) in exchange for the money necessary to achieve her dream- opening a restaurant. So I wondered to myself what would I be willing to do to get my dream? Would I kiss a frog (or any other creature beside my dog)? All this talk of frogs reminded me of this question I heard many years ago: 3 frogs were sitting on a log. 1 frog decided to … [Read more...]

Is Stinking Thinking Showing Up In Your Bank Balance?

 “Who do you think you are?” “Who is going to work with you?" “Why do you even bother calling, they are going to say NO” “You just don’t have what it takes” Would you say that to a close friend or colleague? Probably not, in fact, you probably wouldn’t even say those things to a stranger. Yet, it is not uncommon for business owners to have that conversation with themselves. You know, that little voice that reaches in from the sidelines. It’s that inner voice of doubt, pessimism and … [Read more...]