What Will You Say YES To?

Is 2015 going splendidly for you so far?

Set New Year Priorities | What will you say yes to?This is not a post about resolutions or goals (nor is about whether or not you are achieving them).

This is a personal note that’s been weighing on my heart to share. And of course one really amazing tip for your business (you know I can’t help myself!).

Last year at this time I fell on the ice and got a concussion (ouch!). 2 weeks after that, I fell down a flight of stairs, well actually it was more like I went sledding without a sled, and tore my shoulder (double ouch!). It made for an interesting year. Last month, I finally had the shoulder surgery to repair the tears.

Everyone kept telling me that shoulder surgery was the longest and most painful recovery. I fought buying into that story, but I’ve got to say – they were kind of right.

I haven’t been able to drive the past 6-½ weeks. I just recently re-gained the ability to lift my arm up enough to reach the keyboard and type with both hands.

I’d be lying if I told you that the sprinkling of snow or icy pavement doesn’t instill a little fear in my heart.

But I’d also be lying if I didn’t tell you about the gratitude that I’ve experienced and has consumed me.

I am so grateful for my family who has taken care of me when I needed help.

I am grateful for my team, colleagues and mentors who’ve been there to support and encourage me.

I am grateful for my clients who continue to kick business butt on a daily basis and make me feel like a proud mama.

I am grateful for you. Thank you for “liking” my posts, following me on social media, reading and sharing my articles, connecting with me and for being part of my community.

I am especially grateful for something one of my mentors, Jeanna Gabellini, shared with me, which helped me have my personal best business year ever (despite everything that happened).

My YES statement… it goes like this, “I only say ‘yes’ to things that [fill in the blank]”

Here was my personal statement for 2014:

“I only say, “yes” to things that positively impact my time, money and peace”

How to choose your priorities | what to say yes toSimple? – YES.

Easy? – NO.

This was such a great mantra for me last year that I really wanted to share it with you.

My example might not be the most important to you, but it’s easy to change the scenario and the statement to reflect what is.

Write it or print it out and place it where you can see it every day. As business owners we have so much to think about and do. It’s a great reminder to focus on what really matters.

This year as I’ve been recovering from my surgery and reflecting on my goals and the road ahead, I’ve modified it a little.

Here is my personal statement for 2015:

“I only say YES to things that positively impact my time, money, energy and peace of mind”.

(I feel calm and happy just saying it)

As a result, I’ve already said NO to some amazing opportunities because they will take up too much of my time and mental energy. And I’m okay with it because I know that leaving that space open allows what I really want, to show up and get the time, energy and focus it deserves.

So, what will you say YES to this year? I’d love to hear it!

To Your BIG Breakthroughs and BIG Results!


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