Would You Kiss A Frog to Make You More Money?

iStock_000012129617SmallfrogI was watching The Princess and The Frog with my daughter the other night. The heroine has to decide whether she will kiss the frog (yuck!) in exchange for the money necessary to achieve her dream- opening a restaurant.

So I wondered to myself what would I be willing to do to get my dream? Would I kiss a frog (or any other creature beside my dog)?

All this talk of frogs reminded me of this question I heard many years ago:

3 frogs were sitting on a log.

1 frog decided to jump.

How many were left?

Most the time the answer I get back is 2 (or some people think it is trick question so they say 1) but the answer is 3.

Why? Making a decision is not the same as doing.

You may decide to put together your new website, you may decide to create a workshop. You may decide you are going to put in place a keep in touch strategy for clients or you may decide to make more money this year. But the question is – will you do it?

What gets in the way? Fear.

You know, that little voice in us that says, “No don’t do it” and all the “what ifs” start running through our mind.

What if they say NO?

What if they are already working with someone?

What if they think I am too expensive?

We get so caught up in the “what if’s” that we talk ourselves out of the game by doing nothing. If the “what if’s” don’t get us, our excuses do. We insist, “I do not know how” or “I don’t have time” and put it off until later. We forget what it is we wanted. We forget why it was important. Instead we play small and accept that what we want is not all that important. Sure we make excuses or rationalize; these are really just fear in disguise. You can have reasons or you can have results and to get the results you desire will require you to cure fear.

The way you cure fear (and get things done) is by taking action.

When you find your self lost in the ‘what if’s” or making excuses for why you are not doing something, take these steps to conquer it:

1)    Identify the cause: ask yourself “what is it I am afraid of?”

2)    Acknowledge that it is uncomfortable

3)    Choose to not let fear stand in your way of your success

4)    Take action: ask yourself “what is ONE small step I can take right now?” and do it!

Action cures fear. When you are in action, you don’t have time to think about the “what if’s”, make excuses, or second-guess yourself. The more you do it, the less scary it becomes.

So kissing a frog may not be required but something else just as uncomfortable will be:)

What is the scariest thing you’ve done for your business?




  1. I am not sure if this qualifies for the scariest – but the one thing that changed my business completely – was putting aside the fear of what people would think about what I did, how I did things, how I said things and just did what I felt inside my hear was right, felt good, was congruent with who I am as a person.

    Love this kissing a frog analogy – don’t just decide – DO!

    Thanks Kim – love this
    Hugs, Bobbi

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