Confrontation or Learning Experience? Delivering Feedback Effectively

In a previous Huffington Post article , I talked about why it isn’t good enough simply to say “good job” when you’re giving feedback. While it is important to acknowledge performance that is meeting or exceeding expectations, it is imperative to provide corrective feedback when things aren’t going as you’d like. What happens when your team isn’t delivering as expected – when your expectations go unmet? Can we just hope for it to change or go away? Not if we want to meet our business … [Read more...]

You’re Hired!: Easy Tips to Help You Avoid BIG Hiring Mistakes

One of the big themes in 2015 that I’m seeing with all my clients is building a great team, which I love because no matter what the size of your business - you cannot do it all alone. Well you can, but you’ll be overwhelmed, tired, stressed and not having any fun :-) Why Having a Team is Important Having a team allows you to better leverage your time and talents - and focus on what you do best - so you can support your clients in getting the results they desire (and get paid well for it, … [Read more...]