Transforming ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Here’s What to Do. In our last post, we covered the money excuse and the difference between features and benefits. We also touched upon the art of overcoming objections. Now, we’ll continue with more on objections, outcomes, and effective techniques. The Art of Transforming “No” into “Yes, Please!” If you want to overcome the money excuse, you’ll need to adequately define the value you’ll add and what payoffs your client can expect to receive. This is a subtle technique and there’s … [Read more...]

Tired of Hearing “No” from Your Prospects?

Here’s What to Do. What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in your business right now? If you said clients who decline to work with you because of financial reasons, you’re not alone. You know how it goes... you accept being paid less just to be able to work with a client. You charge what you think people will pay – not what the product or service is actually worth. And sometimes (ok, maybe a lot of the time!), you find yourself over-delivering to your clients and giving your time and … [Read more...]