Effective Tips For Smart First-Time Hiring

Entrepreneurs have many “firsts” as they get a business up and running. One of the most exciting—and sometimes most challenging—is hiring those first employees. There are many potential pitfalls that come with hiring the first time around. You no longer have to do everything yourself, but you need to ensure that your new employee(s) can handle both the job requirements and the extra effort needed to work in a start-up. Here are some tips for an effective first-time recruiting … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Business Costs, Increase Profitability

It's time to clean house! When is the last time you reviewed your finances, systems and tools to determine what is (and isn’t) a good fit for you? Disclaimer: Content provided herein is for informational purposes only; you must examine your own business goals and determine the tools and resources that make the most sense for you. … [Read more...]