Creating Steady Cash Flow: Top 12 Questions Business Owners Ask – Part 3

Creating Steady Cash Flow | Business Cash FlowIn the first two blogs in this series, we’ve talked about how to take your business to the next level with growth, sales, and clients.

Today we are going to take a small step back and address the questions of how to have enough time in the day to get everything done!

Someone once said;

“Everyone on this planet is given the same 24 hours in the day. The question is: what do you choose to do with yours?”

Knowing this, and knowing that there are super successful people doing amazing things each and every day, means you can do the same! It’s all in how you use your time. You don’t hear successful people complaining about needing more time, because they have systems in place to help them out. So read on for my answers to the questions I receive about this!

5. My to-do list is ‘crazy big’, how do I get ahead of it?

My Get It Done System has a five-step process for getting control of your to-do list. To get started, put together a list of everything that you have to do. Some of these tasks may be on the papers on your desk or in your head. Put them ALL down on paper.

Now, take a look at that list. I want you to pick one task that if completed will help your business achieve its goals. Pick a single task and then write down why it’s important for you to complete it. The reason I’m asking you to do that is because you need to make sure that it’s a strategic choice rather than a ‘have to’.

Next, write down three actions that you can take to complete the task or move it forward towards completion. For seven days, take action, focus on getting it done and say no to other things that can distract you. Next week, pick another activity, rinse, repeat, do it again.

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6. I would love my business if it weren’t for all the business building activity. What can I do to make it fun?

In the first two years, most people tend to spend a lot of time figuring out the nuts and bolts of running a business versus delivering the value that made them go into business in the first place!

At this point, it’s natural to think “Wow, this is a lot of work. I’m really tired. This isn’t fun. Maybe I should go back to a proper job.”

The first thing I want you to do is realize that you have to stop trying to figure it all out by yourself. There is a ton of information available to you and there’s no way to keep ahead of it all. I call this ‘information overload.’

The second thing that I want you to do is to remember that you already have everything that you need to be successful in business.

The third thing? Look at how you are spending your time.

CEOs do the following specific things:

A. They market and sell.

B. They fulfill their products and services.

C. They create systems and teams to run the business more effectively.

So I’d like you to take a look at the things that you are working on and the things that are falling outside of the CEO parameter. What can you remove from your list entirely or perhaps delegate to someone else?

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